Trading Indicators

Investors who trade without assistance need adequate tools to analyze the securities they are interested in buying or selling.

Traders use charting and other tools to decide whether to buy or sell crypto, stocks, ETFs, currencies, and other commodities. Most financial advisors are opposed to frequent trading and recommend a buy-and-hold strategy. Trading too often can be risky, especially for new traders.

What are trading indicators?

Technical tools analyze stock prices and indicate whether the ongoing trend will continue on its course or go in the reverse. It helps traders to make decisions about a particular stock.

Momentum indicators help traders understand the speed at which the price of stocks changes. Not only that but, these indicators help us understand the strength of price movements.

To help us get a better understanding of technical indicators that a trader can use, we will discuss them below.

Fibonacci retracement

Fibonacci retracement shows how much the market will veer off its current trend. A retracement occurs when a brief decline or pullback in the market happens.

Traders use Fibonacci retracement to determine if the market is imminent or about to make an upward or downward trend. Using this indicator, traders can identify support and resistance levels. Because of this, they can decide where to apply stops and limits or when to open and close their positions.

Exponential moving average (EMA)

EMA is another form of moving average. Contrary to SMA, it makes data more responsive to new information. When used with other indicators, EMAs assist traders in confirming significant market moves and validating their authenticity.

Ichimoku cloud

The Ichimoku Cloud is like other technical indicators in that it identifies support and resistance levels. It also calculates price momentum and supplies traders with indications to help them make decisions.

Moving average convergence divergence

Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) compares two moving averages to find changes in momentum. MACD can assist new traders by spotting potential buy and sell opportunities around support and resistance levels. If moving averages are converging, then momentum is decreasing, whereas if the moving averages are diverging, momentum is increasing.

Standard deviation

Standard deviation helps traders measure the size of price changes. Consequently, they can predict how likely volatility will affect the price in the future. However, it cannot foresee whether the price will decrease or increase.

Standard deviation compares current price movements to previous ones. After big price moves, many traders believe there will be smaller price movements and vice versa.

List of Charting Platform Providers

Reviewing your options will enable you to choose the websites and tools that best meet your needs. Notice the services they provide and group them according to the securities and other investment products they are most compatible with. Read on to find out more.

MT4 / MT5

Most sizeable Forex, CFD, and Commodities brokers now offer custom branded varients of the MT4 and MT5 trading platforfms.  One advantage of either of these platforms compared to those offeredcd exclusively by brokers, is that any trader can always switch from one broker to the next without need to learn the configurations of a new platform. And both of these platforms offer access to a good array of trading indicators. 


Over 30 million traders use the social network and charting platform, TradingView. Numerous features, such as a free trial and reliable stock screening tools, are available based on fundamental, economic, and financial factors.


E*Trade is a platform for investors and traders who want an inclusive network. At E*Trade, it’s possible to save for retirement, invest, chart and analyze stocks, and more.

Trade Ideas

The Trade Ideas platform is a web application that provides users access to charting, stock entry and exit points based on specific standards, cloud storage capabilities, and more.

TD Ameritrade

Long-term investors and persistent traders can benefit from the expertise of a comprehensive brokerage platform like TD Ameritrade.


Webull gives traders and investors access to cutting-edge tools. It also has a feature that enables users to practice trading strategies without risking real money.

What Indicator is Best for Forex or Crypto Trading?

A beginner trader may learn to trade with or without use of trading indicators; but the decision to adopt one indicator over another is purely subjective to one’s characteristics. We consider it appropriate that you gain understanding about some of the indicators available to use, and spend some time in observing how they work. Our YouTube channel offers a working demonstration of how some of the more popular trading indicators function; spend some time in watching them, and take some notes. Check it out over here.