What are Forex Trading Signals?

Forex signals help traders with two very difficult tasks: (1) to determine the right trades, and, (2) to execute those trades within appropriate time. 

Forex signals help new traders earn money. The trainees are able to keep trading while learning the markets and making deals that have the potential to be highly profitable. 

Because they understand the logic behind the trade or any recommendation they get, the signals can shorten their learning curve. The trader can learn about the options on which the signal is based. 

Can you trust forex signals? The best way to answer that is to say maybe. In a rapidly changing market, forex trading signals are only valid if they are traded in a timely manner. Since the signals are time-sensitive (be it minutes, hours, days, or weeks), deals won’t last very long. 

What are free forex signals?

Free forex signals are usually short messages. This information may help traders make the best business decisions based on technical or fundamental analysis.

Forex news trading signals provide these alerts or short messages based on issues in the news that (is believed to) specifically affect the markets. Forex technical trading signals help in identifying opportunities based on technical assessment. And, forex fundamental trading signals are derived from focusing on the bigger picture of influence on price movement.

Forex traders receive signals via various communication apps, such as SMS, emails, or WhatsApp. You may also see forex signals on social forums such as Reddit and other social media sites that display free forex signals.

Now, you must first practice with whichever signals you decide to obtain, and avoid the risk of committing your funds from the very onset; as the signals may not be what you want. You may use demo accounts to build your confidence. We discuss more about demo accounts here.

What is the best signal provider for forex?

Choosing the right forex signals provider is a difficult task, so be sure to have a sound understanding of your requirements, prior to using any service.

As you may already know, we at Signals4me.com offer a free forex and cryptocurrency trading signals service (available here). Unlike many others, our signals are based on fundamental analysis and derives directional bias from a host of relevant factors.


ForexSignals.com is an established provider in this marketplace. It is mainly for people who wish to trade in the forex markets but don’t necessarily have any experience in the field. There is a wealth of educational materials available for beginners looking to advance their trading skills. Take advantage of them.


We found that, overall, Learn2Trade is currently the best forex signals provider. The platform is over a decade old and now has over 70,000 members. This number demonstrates the level of trust that Learn2Trade has earned in recent years.

Learn2Trade provides digital asset signals for anyone interested in investing in cryptocurrency. Digital asset signals are separate plans from its forex services, but the basics are the same. This service implies that users can get free and paid crypto signals.

Finally, in addition to a comprehensive forex course, Learn2Trade provides many free educational tutorials. However, Learn2Trade does not offer a combined strategy for forex and crypto signals.

Price Action Ltd.

PriceAction Ltd. is well known for its authenticity and accountability. This forex signal provider has under a decade of trader experience in the market.

They offer more than just forex signals for specific trading ranges and types. They are also educating trade enthusiasts and developing innovative resources to smoothen the traders’ journeys over the long haul.

Price Action offers paid memberships. Their forex services have competitive monthly rates and lifetime purchasing plans. The monthly subscription fee for forex signals is $119, and the lifetime subscription fee is $499. The only potential flaw with Price Action Ltd. is that the signals are sent only via Telegram.