Snapshot of All Cryptocurrencies List

Although Bitcoin was the first publicly accessible cryptocurrency, it has since evolved into a widely used coin. Since it was created in 2009, bitcoin has undergone many changes.

It has sparked the development of many other cryptocurrencies because it encourages peer-to-peer payments without the use of a bank or other third party.

Crypto coins vs. tokens

Understanding cryptocurrency requires learning the distinction between coins and tokens. Despite their apparent similarity, they are not the same. It’s crucial to know what they mean.

A digital coin is generated on its blockchain and operates almost exactly like conventional currency. It can be adapted to exchange values between two or more parties engaged in business. 

Tokens are much more versatile when compared to digital money. Ether is an example of a token used to make transactions on the Ethereum network. 

10 Types of Cryptocurrencies

Even though it’s not easy to pinpoint which crypto to buy today for long-term, Bitcoin stands out as a leading cryptocurrency. It’s said that there isn’t one cryptocurrency better than the other, only that they have different features. Here is a list of some of the most prominent types of cryptocurrencies and their value:


Bitcoin              $749 billion

Ethereum           $313 billion

Tether                 $79.5 billion

Binance Coin     $62.6 billion

USD Coin          $53.2 billion

XRP                  $34.4 billion

Terra                 $32.9 billion

Solana             $28.5 billion

Cardano            $28.4 billion

Avalanche             $20.6 billion


Blockchain technology was used for the first time by Bitcoin to advance payment methods and online transactions. Bitcoin (currently trading at $28,441) is the coin that people respect because it was the first and is still leading. 

Ether (Ethereum)

Ether is the token used to streamline transactions on the Ethereum network, a medium for blockchain technology. Other than Bitcoin, you’re most likely to recognize Ethereum as the next big cryptocurrency or the second moniker in crypto forums.


Tether is a stablecoin fixed at $1 per coin. It’s a currency linked to a fiat currency such as the U.S. dollar. The concept is a combination of benefits. Tether functions as a medium with the reliability of a currency allocated by a sovereign nation. When traders shift from one cryptocurrency to another, they use Tether instead of moving back to dollars.

Binance Coin

2019 saw the launch of Binance USD, which is managed by the New York Department of Financial Services. Although it is also a form of money, Binance Coin serves as a platform for tokens that are used to pay Binance exchange fees and to drive Binance’s decentralized exchange (DEX) for app development. 

USD Coin

USD Coin is a stablecoin linked to the dollar, much like Tether. Its dollar value ($0.9998) shouldn’t change. The goal of USD Coin was to create a “fully digital” dollar that was as stable as US currency but didn’t require the account holder to have a bank account or to live in a specific nation.

In 2022, crypto assets underwent a lot of stress, and trading has remained erratic. It’s pivotal that investors transact with refined parties, making it a challenging endeavor for newcomers.