Many individuals across the world utilise one or more types of analysis to inform financial decisions.  Fundamental analysis is one of a few types utilized by traders, analysts, and other interested individuals alike; but there is no single universally applicable template for what such analysis should include, or how its results should appear. Furthermore, there are those who focus on the analysis of near to intermediate term variable, whilst some others place greater importance upon intermediate to long-term variables.

We take fundamental analysis very seriously, and consider it to be of high value. From it we derive fundamental signal bias towards forex and crypto assets, and make it available on this platform to provide beginner traders with what should only be considered as, and concluded to be, a second opinion to their own analytical endeavours, as they continue with practicing on demo accounts, and developing as traders.    

It is important to highlight the fact that fundamental analysis, and thus fundamental signals, are different from technical (or any other type of) analysis. And so, a fundamental signal may suggest higher probability of price progressing in a given direction, but technical analysis may provide a counter signal. That is perfectly normal: for price progression never unfolds in straight lines.